Loafi.com has a mission to touch people’s lives through art.
We strive to bring together people who like art, who understand the excitement of owning
and giving unique, freshly made, original art, with visual artists and their artwork.  At the same time, we are dedicated to helping artists develop their talent into an economically viable business.

Loafi.com is about a grass roots business movement to put the visual “art” back into “arts and sciences” one artist at a time.  Original art is an important aspect of our culture, our heritage and our history.  The artists, the people who create, are a critical part of our collective past, present and future as they create art that defines our current state of affairs.  It is important to own and give original art to support these artists who are defining us.  Original art is as individually important as it is societally significant.  Children and adults, alike, benefit psychologically and intellectually from viewing original art.  Our culture, brain function and economy are all enhanced when we own original art.   Artists supply a product that is a crucial part of our society and deserve to be paid accordingly through the sales of their art.

Our mission: Loafi.com is dedicated to providing a community where people who like art can purchase unique, original art to own and give, and where artists can get help one-on-one to develop their talent into an economically viable business.

Please donate in support of our movement to make original art and artists a daily influence in our lives and the lives of our children and grandchildren.


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We are currently running an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. Please help us by contributing and telling everyone you know. Thanks!

If none of this matters to you, that’s okay, too! We will soon have, and will continue to add, really cool art, so feel free to peruse, purchase and come back often!


The Loafi.com Crew!

Ann FlisAnn M. Flis
Founder & Owner

Ann, also known as Loafy, started on this Loafi.com journey with a lifelong appreciation for art and an even greater appreciation and respect for artists.  Her Mom, Lois, is her, and now, our inspiration.  Mama Loaf’s charcoal drawings from her start in an art degree in the early 1950’s still hold a huge place in Ann’s heart and in her mind.  She was, as a kid, and still is, as an adult, enthralled with Mama Loaf’s ability to draw, create and think outside the box.  The world is a larger, more interconnected place, because of her artistic influence.  Ann would like to help others experience more of their world through art and ultimately help influence the lives of all of our children and grandchildren in the same way.  This awe of artists and what they create while offering a different perspective of our world is what drives Ann to succeed in this endeavor.

Please feel free to join her on her blog, thesignificanceofartandcreativity.blogspot.com as Loafi.com continues to grow. (Coming soon!)



Amy Anderson

Amy E. Anderson
Operations Guru

Amy joins the Loafi.com team as an important part of accomplishing our goals. She is where the B.A. in Studio Art meets the M.B.A. with a Management Concentration.

Amy’s larger bio is on it’s way! Just know that we are working hard behind the scenes!



Conni joins the Loafi.com team as our Visual Art Photographer. She comes to us as an artist who connects our business goals for the artists through her photography. As our website grows and matures, her knowledge of photography and her perspective of our world will be instrumental in the next levels of development. We are extremely happy to have her on board! She wrote a brief bio and says this: “I am Conni, a woman of many facets and talents! The photographer in me sees different angles, new lines, people, animals, the whole scene – just a little differently, every time I blink. In my “other life”, I am an Office Manager, Domestic Goddess, Traveler, Cyclist, Curler – in short, a lover of life! Photography is my greatest passion. Every day of my life is an adventure and I want to share my experiences. My goal is simply this: when you look at my photographs, to truly feel in your heart, something that reaches deep within and touches your soul. Thank you for sharing my passion.







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